Say No Mo reinvents the nail care routine for the modern age. We have thought of everything so you can chill and enjoy yourself in an amazing atmosphere.
Elvira Farias
Salon Founder

Elvira turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans ...

Elvira lived in North America and Dubai. In a city obsessed with beauty and packed with nail salons, there was simply nowhere to go to relax and enjoy expert services in a clean, modern, comfortable, and social setting. Not much existed between high-priced spas and low-grade corner nail shops where prices were never as they seemed on the menu and you were met with horrible customer service. Not to mention the time it took to have a service performed. She saw the void. Things needed to change.

And so, Say No Mo was born.

From the very beginning, Elvira's mission has been dedicated to elevating every detail in the nail service industry, from a beautifully designed location, to the music and aroma. This is a place where guests can escape the everyday hustle and bustle, making Say No Mo a destination to help set the reset button for busy lives. Say No Mo is a place where anyone can escape the day's drama, get together with friends, have a drink or two, and just chill.

My hope is that every client sees the love and dedication that has gone into creating Say No Mo. A place where you can let loose and simply be — the best — you.”
Elvira Farias

Our Say No Mo team includes highly-trained and dedicated professionals, united by a passion for all things related to beauty. 

We are proud to be able to offer our specialists the best training and development opportunities, creative realisation, and all in a friendly, healthy, and safe environment. 

With our heath-safe products, and state-of-the-art ventilation systems and equipment, we have spared no cost when it comes to the well-being of our clients and staff.

Say No Mo is Kyiv's only stylish destination for nails and beauty and our technicians are masters at their craft. 

Wish to join some of the most ambitious artists in the beauty industry and work with a company that respects the staff? Don't just look no more - Say No Mo.

We're always looking to recruit the brightest and best open-minded staff that can let their imaginations run wild.

 We're looking forward to getting your CV at info@saynomo.com.ua